Sunday, September 25, 2011

We Are The Face Of Equality

I'm currently working on a "We are the Face of Equality " slideshow and would eventually like to possibly turn it into a book as well. I'm looking for pictures of LGBT people in everyday life to use: on the job, at church, in the classroom, on the street, with their families, etc. (I'm thinking of starting it off "We are the guy in the pew beside you", "We are the pharmacy tech at your hometown pharmacy", "We are your teachers," "We are your nurses, " "We are your firefighters," "We are your soldiers," "We are your sons," "We are your daughters", "your sisters and brothers", "Your aunts and uncles," "Your friends," "We are the face of equality..."). I just want people to know that we're everyday people that are being denied so many basic rights just because of who we love and that we deserve the same rights as everyone else. Send your pictures and your story to to be included in this slideshow. I will send everyone who submits pictures a link to the slideshow when it is complete.

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